Infants - Bedford Discovery Infant Center is a fully dedicated separate infant care and development facility. We have a unique, special and exclusive focus on infants. This allows us to build and offer development programs tailored to meet the specific needs of children at their earliest and most critical stage of life. Our home-like atmosphere provides the ideal setting for nurturing infants. Daily communication between teachers and parents is practiced to maintain the highest degree of consistency between home and outside care giving. Teachers pay close attention to individual needs while providing a soothing yet interactive environment. Our teachers understand the importance of talking to and playing with infants as key factors in their development.

Toddlers are encouraged to use all of their senses as they explore their environment. Self-help and independence are nurtured, from coordination and climbing, to self-feeding, toileting and simple dressing tasks. Our teachers are endlessly patient experts whose hands are always there for holding and who take great care to share in the excitement of language explosion and physical growth.

Pre-School is a time when the question, “why”, becomes increasingly important, along with self-expression, decision-making, problem solving and social interaction. At this stage of development learning stations are introduced, offering a broad range of experiences that promote readiness skills, language growth, and physical abilities through the excitement of exploring the child’s ever-expanding world.

After school is an important time for children to unwind and relax following a busy school day. Computers and games are available, as are opportunities for arts and crafts, nature study, outdoor fun and other creative outlets. After school hours are structured yet flexible for older children to socialize and enjoy quiet activities such as reading a favorite doing homework.

Bedford Discovery Early Childhood Center
Summer Travel Camp

BDECC travel camp offers a wonderful educational program with trips throughout the summer for ages 6-8 years. The children enjoy a minimum of 2 field trips per week ranging from farms, parks, museums, shows, and much more!  Past trips include searching for tadpoles and
Spring Peeper frogs at Teatown Lake Reservation, fishing at Bedford Hills Memorial Park, hands-on exploring at Stepping Stones Museum, creating multi-media drawings at Katonah Museum, attending a live performance
at Random Farms Theatre, splashing around at Splashdown Water Park, basking and picnicking at Osceola Beach, and exploring tide pools at
Bruce Science Museum.

Our summer travel camp hours are from 8:30 – 5:30 with an option of extended hours if needed.  Our summer travel camp program is split into four sessions, each session consists of two weeks.  Lunch and snacks will
be provided for the children everyday.  Prices include all admission fee’s and transportation for each field trip, as well as all snacks and lunch. 
No additional costs.

We hope you join us for some summer fun!!! 
Please call Phyllis or Kerri at 914.666.5437 for more information.